I would like everyone to know that I have not and will never give up on Logan On Love. The flow of content has simply been put on hold for the time being. Behind the scenes, I have been working towards things that will be shared with everyone in the near future. Logan On Love is not the only work and passion in my life, so I try to dispense my time in.. Read More

Degrading Love

     I find that very often the term love is degraded. An example of this would be a person who says they are in love with someone they don’t really know. If you do not genuinely know  and appreciate who you love, then you are not actually in love because you do not know the person you are claiming to love and you can not appreciate what you do not know. One person.. Read More

I Want You by Logan E. Legg

I want you to feel what you have missed. Wishing I could kiss your face with tenderness. My days waste knowing I’m not there for you. But sometimes there is nothing else you can do. Sometimes others make decisions for you. Sometimes words can’t be used anymore. Not because they don’t mean anything. It’s just so your feelings can be out of it. I see how you formed. All tough and righteous. All.. Read More

The Sum by Logan E. Legg

I remember how I used to be. I saw this world so differently. There wasn’t such pain like knives in me. I used to feel free. I would look outside my window and see a different view. The sky used to have color, but now there is no you. I try and try to forget, but that’s leaving everything I ever believed in. Can’t you see what that means? The emptiness that is.. Read More

Believing In Each Other by Steve Stephens

Love believes in all things. In 1910 DeWitt Wallace developed a new idea for a magazine. It would consist of a collection of condensed articles and he would call it the Reader’s Digest. He put together a proposed sample and sent it to publishers throughout the country. Nobody seemed interested and DeWitt was terribly discouraged. About the same time he met Lila Bell Acheson, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister. Before long the.. Read More

Dreams At Midnight by Mick Howe

She lay upon her bed wrapped in scarlet hues and white lace. The silk gently laid across her skin and fluttered in the breeze of the ceiling fan. The lazy look in her brown eyes insists that she has been fighting sleep, or has been slowly welcoming the serenity of her quiet surroundings. She lie still except for her right hand occasionally moving her hair away from her face. Every time she did.. Read More

Freedom Through The Heart by Mick Howe

Until the end of time my heart will beat for only you. No other set of words have been spoken more true. I’m lifted up higher just so I can enjoy this view. And everything I do I shall always do just for you. The wings you have given me have set me free. I can finally feel as though I can be who I want to be. The joy is overwhelming of.. Read More


Arguments are capable of ruining a relationship. When there is a problem involved within the relationship, the last thing you need to be doing is arguing with the person you love and the person who loves you. Typically, with arguing, brings anger and hurt feelings because instead of communicating in a more civilized and progressive way, we call each other mean names, make each other feel bad, and nothing resolves from doing so… Read More

Still Here In My Pandemonium by Eli Dunlap

I hold fast to the belief it will one day be you and I, but that belief is slowly fading away a love to die. I will hold on to you until I perish. A fate to love in our sight. Attach on to you until we cherish our two souls. To late? never! With all my might I’ll let it eat me away then my insides will show. Nothing you see now.. Read More